Join the Team and Volunteer

By June 30, 2017Market News
Image of Kirkland Wednesday Market volunteers 2017

Kirkland Wednesday Market is one of the best venues to volunteer on the Eastside.  Become part of the team and you may even get a discount with the vendors.  One cool thing – all the vendors LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS.  It is so nice to be appreciated.

Even if you can give us an hour of your time we would love to have you join our team.  If that can be on a regular basis it would be even more awesome.

Make friends, become a valued member of the Kirkland community, get the inside scoop from other volunteers about the city, the downtown, the merchants and the vendors.  Belong.

Click the button below to see some of our volunteer opportunities for July.  And read in detail about the various volunteer options available on our VOLUNTEER PAGE.

If you have difficulty seeing each week’s volunteer jobs on Signup Genius, check out the nav bar at the top of the Signup page from your Desktop.