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Thank You to everyone who volunteered at our market for the 2016 season…….WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU.

Kirkland Wednesday Market 2017!

If you loved our market in 2016, you will adore our market for the 2017 season.

We are in the planning stages to role out some special market events for our Kirkland community and this year will have a special focus on healthy produce from our local suppliers.  How that is presented is our surprise, so check back regularly for more details.

And if there is something special you would like to see at the Wednesday Market, share you ideas with us because we love hearing from you.  You can send us your inspirations through our Contact Form.

Would you like to volunteer? Well, our market couldn’t survive without your help.  How better than to have you at our market, helping us spread the word about healthy food and healthy living, on a beautiful summer’s day.  If you would like to volunteer, go to our Volunteer Page and fill in our form and we will get back to you straight away.

Don’t forget to check back here as we role out our news.

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