Kirkland Wednesday Market is Delighted to Present

The 2018 Kirkland Wednesday Market Vendors

Food Processors

Bee King’s

Bills Fruits

Chou Valley Fresh

CNL Garden

EF Produce

Green Cuties

Green Knight

Hayton Farms Berries

Jor Garden

Oakhill Vegetable Farms

Sidhu Farms

Skagit Sun Farm

Sky Harvest Produce

Teeny Farms

Thai Yang Garden

Wild Spores


Cosita Mia

Essential Hardware Jewelry

Good Skin Company

Hands on Design

Hummingbird Haven

Jesse Kelly Glass

Lisa Boyce Jewelry


Midterm Fix

Puerto Ensanada

Scentual Nature

Woodard Bay Pottery

Woogies Crafts & Creations

11 Olives

At It Foods LLC DBA ONE Bites


Classic Kettle Corn

Essential Hardware Jewelry

FrogLegs, Culinary Academy


Gugu International LLC / Blinchiki

Hapi Donuts

HP’s Smokhouse

Hummingbird Haven

La Pasta

Little Prague

Liberated Foods LLC

Mikes Shave Ice

Puerto Ensanada

Puget Sound Bakery

Raining Cookies

Seattle Kombucha

Smith Brothers Farms

Susu LLC


Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Be Smart

King County Noxious Weed Control Program

Seattle Humane

Residence XII

Fish conservancy

The Art of Living

Washington Trails Association

Cascade Water Alliance

King Conservation District

Bats Northwest

Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission

Camp Kesem at University of Washington

Vendor Placement Map